New and Used Sunon Fans for All Needs

Sunonwealth Electric Machine Industrial Company created its Sunon fan division in 1999 with a focus on professional engineering for solutions in the Americas. The company operates a full design and testing center as well as custom fabrication services that allowed it to expand into coolers and blowers as well.

Sunon offers industry-leading dustproof and waterproof fans as well as micro DC blowers, DC brushless fans, CPU and GPU coolers. The company says it provides the smallest, thinnest fans and blowers that range from 8mm to 250mm and has gained acclaim for the reliability and power efficiency of its products. While Sunon offers more than 700 different options, we’re starting with a carefully curated selection.

Pick up a Refurbished Sunon Fan

Worldwide Supply offers two 12 VDC fans from Sunon. New and refurbished models include a standard unit and a Vapo Bearing Maglev option. They’re small, light and powerful enough to keep your network cool even in confined spaces. Companies and networks around the world have similar used Sunon fans in their hubs, servers, workstations, data centers, racks and more.

Choose an option below to find a refurbished Sunon fan at significant savings. Or, if you have a used Sunon fan that no longer fits your needs, let us know. Worldwide Supply purchases used networking equipment from Sunon and other OEMs to give you an income boost as you consider your scaling options.

All Sunon fans come with a lifetime warranty, and we cover them with our OEM-neutral NetGuard maintenance solution. Click the links below to learn more.