Leading Stratos Networking Equipment

Stratos Global is a large provider of fixed and mobile remote communications equipment and solutions for a variety of deployments and sizes. Its current offering touches on data delivery options, intranet tools, private communications, prepare services and billing tools alongside the traditional voice, video and text solutions.

Mobile and fixed satellite options from Stratos are deployed across public and rural settings where microwave solutions perform exceptionally well, including specific tools for construction sites and temporary deployments. This equipment supports its VSAT network designed to create integrated solutions for data and voice communications across a variety of locations.

Recent efforts have pushed new and refurbished Stratos equipment to the oceans with commercial maritime and fleet broadband solutions for crew and to-shore communications.

Finding the Right New and Used Stratos Solution

Worldwide Supply provides access to a variety of Stratos tools and solutions. Offerings from Stratos include the BGAN high-speed IP data solutions and streaming including voice, IDSN and fax solutions in portable and remote locations. Its Swift64 mobile ISDN and mobile packet data service is standard for both corporate and flight deck systems.

Or, choose a used Stratos option from the Iridium line with global mobile satellite voice and data solutions that cover the entire planet, even polar regions if you’re heading that way. There are also solutions supporting its StratosITek with always-on IP connections including PSTN support and global corporate intranet tools.

Browse our options below and look for the right solution based on your need. Choose a used or refurbished Stratos option and see how you can save up to 80% off original OEM pricing.