Build Simple With Starcase Tools

The Starcase Manufacturing Company has been delivering support for electronics and fragile device since 1975. The company focuses primarily on packaging and installation options as well as cases and rack kits. Its Indiana facility produces goods for domestic and international markets, meeting a wide range of requirements for production as well as industry-specific needs.

All Starcase containers are fully compliant with the ATA Specification 300 parameters and meet ASTM and DFPA testing requirements for fire retardancy and more. Starcase also makes the tools needed to install containers and racks, which is where Worldwide Supply is starting our relationship with the manufacturer.

New and Used Starcase Options

The first product from Starcase that we’re carrying is a cage nut insertion tool that is highly rated by existing customers. This ergonomically designed tool simplifies inserting cage nuts into 3/8″ square-hole rack rails. The steel shaft and rubber grip allow for continuous use while minimizing effort.

Eliminate your technicians’ need to stick their fingers through mounting rails and sharp edges — a familiar occurrence with most installations.

You can also save your budget by choosing a refurbished Starcase insertion tool, providing significant savings off original OEM pricing when a refurbished model is available. Got used Starcase or other equipment you no longer need? Consider selling it to Worldwide Supply for an even easier way to upgrade your network and outfit your techs.

Start by finding the right new or used Starcase option below.