Leading Enclosures for Sale by SPC

SPC is a small U.S. shop for creating custom electronic closures as well as a variety of standard options such as encapsulated through repeaters. The company has spent the last few decades building out repeater enclosures and then expanded to new solutions around heat dissipation.

Now, SPC has grown its capabilities to focus on indoor and outdoor cabinets in the data storage and energy industries, while it is still improving its telecom repeater enclosure solutions with new thermal management options.

One reason Worldwide Supply is investing in equipment from SPC is that the company has achieved TL 9000 certification.

Save on Used SPC Enclosures

Telecom partners and service providers need a wide range of repeater enclosures, and companies like SPC are happy to meet the demand. Worldwide Supply provides access to new and used SPC options that are lightweight, waterproof and simple to install. Every solution is designed to protect against the elements.

These models meet application requirements for telecom enclosures specified under:

  • GR-487-CORE
  • GR-63-CORE
  • GR-1361-CORE
  • GR-2834-CORE
  • TR-NWT-000078
  • TR-TSY-000056

Choose new models when you want or ask us about refurbished options that can reduce costs by as much as 80% off original OEM pricing. Enjoy proven reliability thanks to our in-house experts who review and repair or refurbish any previously used products that we sell.

We’re also available to help you save on maintenance costs with our NetGuard program that provides a cost-effective alternative to having multiple OEM maintenance schedules and contracts. There’s no mandatory upgrades or changes — just help when you need it, on your schedule and defined by your budget.

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