Buy New and Used Sony Equipment

Sony is one of only a few OEMs that needs no introduction. The multi-billion-dollar company owns the largest music entertainment business in the world, and is well known for its films and games, while also securing its spot as the fifth-largest TV and monitor manufacturer in the world.

Video displays are where our ties to Sony come in, by offering a variety of its video monitors, TV stereo tuners, video and audio distributors, and more. We provide access to a wide selection of video-related solutions from Sony to give your office, remote site, and the trucks you roll the right equipment to see and understand the work of your network.

Choosing Refurbished Sony Goods From Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply has a broad selection of Sony video equipment that you can browse via the buttons below. Sorry, you won’t find the latest Spider-Man gear there, but you can discover a variety of monitors, cards, tuners, and other tools that make video displays and monitoring simple.

We provide a variety of new and used Sony options to help you match your budget. All of the used equipment has been brought up to refurbished Sony status thanks to an in-house team of experts and technicians. We review and test every piece thoroughly before it is sold. Plus, all products, new or refurbished, are backed by a lifetime warranty to help you feel comfortable with the purchase decision.

Plus, we can cover most of this equipment with our NetGuard maintenance package, which not only saves you up to 90%, but also includes more than just Sony-branded equipment.