Used and Refurbished Sawtre Electronics Equipment

At Worldwide Supply, we source telecom equipment from brands across the world, including rare names like Sawtre Electronics. Our selection of used Sawtre hardware includes agile modulators for broadband networks.

When to Buy Older, Used or Refurbished Telecom Equipment

Our Sawtre products include older models and refurbished hardware that can help you save money on infrastructure. When you can get by without the latest features, these products can reduce your hardware costs by as much as 80%. Consider getting older or refurbished hardware when you:

  • Need to create a new platform or system on a budget.
  • Have older infrastructure that requires earlier equipment models.
  • Trust your supplier’s refurbishing process.
  • Have the technical support available to know that you’re buying compatible equipment.

Advantages of Shopping With Worldwide Supply

You can count on Worldwide Supply for value-added solutions that will help you maximize your savings and profits, including:

  • Repair and maintenance services for past and prospective customers.
  • 24/7 remote technical support.
  • Next-day shipping capabilities.
  • A standard lifetime warranty on OEM hardware and parts.
  • Hundreds of telecom equipment parts for sale.
  • Extensive refurbishing and testing on our used products.

Get Store Credit or Money for Your Sawtre Equipment

When you have extra equipment from Sawtre or another telecom hardware manufacturer, we’ll give you cash or store credit for qualifying products. As part of our asset recovery solutions, our trade-in program helps customers like you improve their bottom line. Let us help you manage your assets with offerings like:

  • The industry’s highest cash values for traded-in products.
  • Worldwide Supply store credit for equipment trade-in.
  • Free inventory audit reports.
  • Recycling and green disposal for unsalable equipment.
  • Personalized asset exchange strategies for optimized profits.
  • Reverse logistics and warehousing for your current assets and assets for trade.

Learn More About Product Pricing and Specifications

We help our customers through every step of equipment shopping to help them get the best possible return on investment. You can contact our technical team for support at any time by completing our contact form or calling us at 888-328-2266.

If you want to get a final quote on your order, add the products you need to your cart and request a quote online.