Radiant Fiber

New and Refurbished Radiant Communications Corporation Products

Established in 1985, Radiant Communications Corporation develops data transportation solutions for Ethernet, high-speed internet and fiber optic cables. Television companies, telecom firms and other communications organizations count on systems from Radiant Communications Corporation.

With Radiant’s economical product designs and Worldwide Supply pricing, you’ll save on telecom equipment costs when you partner with us. At Worldwide Supply, we offer up to 80% off OEM prices on new and refurbished equipment. We’ll help you improve your bottom line and improve your service through smart solutions.

New and Used Radiant Communications Corporation Equipment Available

Radiant Communications Corporation manufactures all of the elements needed to assemble a fiber optic system. Our product availability varies and may include any of this manufacturer’s solutions, including:

  • Connectors and adapters.
  • Patch and splice cabinets.
  • Single-mode and multi-mode assemblies.
  • Low back reflection attenuators.
  • Fiber media converters.
  • Fiber optic panels and repeaters.
  • Slingbox alternatives.

Reasons to Get Radiant Communications Corporation Hardware at Worldwide Supply

At Worldwide Supply, we help our customers get the best return on investment for their purchase with solutions such as:

  • 24/7 remote technical support.
  • Next-day shipping options.
  • Repair and maintenance services.
  • Standard lifetime warranty on OEM products.
  • Inventory of hundreds of telecom parts.
  • Dedicated testing center for our refurbished products.

Trade In Your Radiant Communications Corporation Equipment

If you have extra Radiant Communications Corporation hardware that you don’t use, consider trading it in for cash or store credit. With our asset recovery solutions, you can make money on your old equipment and get high-quality replacements. Maximize your savings and profits with value-added asset services such as:

  • Trade-ins for store credit on your Worldwide Supply purchase.
  • The highest consignment cash values in the industry.
  • Warehousing and reverse logistics solutions for your assets.
  • Green disposal and recycling solutions for equipment we can’t buy.
  • One-on-one asset exchange and trade-in strategies for profit optimization.
  • Free inventory audit reports.

Find Out More About Pricing and Specifications

Allow our telecom equipment experts to help you shop for cost-effective, high-quality hardware. Get individual support by submitting cart items for a quote, contacting our team online or calling us at 888-328-2266.