Refurbished Promptlink Networking Equipment for Sale

Promptlink Communications creates software tools for broadband service providers, whether you need an additional solution or require a variety of networking testing services. Its cable modem, wireless router, and set-top box test platforms are designed to work with legacy networks as well as next-gen offerings and fabrics.

Look for a used or new Promptlink platform to help you test, manage and provision your broadband network and equipment in an affordable way.

Our selection of refurbished Promptlink networking equipment includes support for its cable plant monitoring and integrated provisioning systems so you can maximize the existing network infrastructure you have, including quality controls for CPEs.

Cable Modem Testing

Promptlink’s CMTP is an SMNP-based tool and can help you test your wireless CMs and EMTAs as well as DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS cable modems. Whether you’re working on your network or provide support to partners, our used Promptlink items can assist you.

Wireless Router Testing

Refurbished Promptlink tools and the software they run can help you perform complex router testing for high-volume applications. Wireless routers are fully supported with the WRTP program.

Plant Monitoring

Cable plant monitoring from Promptlink allows you to perform real-time network device management for DOCSIS networks. Manage everything you’ve got, from CMTs and EMTAs to modems and fiber nodes.

Save With Us

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of refurbished Promptlink products designed to improve your network, while saving you significantly over the original OEM costs.