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Planet Networks, formerly Garden Networks, was established in 1994 to support growing Internet access services for small and rural communities. It was an early player in local access as well as growth into the larger NYC access market. Throughout its life, the company has acquired more than 14 competitors, including Planet Networks, which is used as a basis for the new name.

Today, the company offers global IT solutions and recently began deploying Gigabit wireless technology to a variety of clients. It is delivering capabilities to upgrade IP backbones to 100G as well as implementing cloud management services for networks and large clients on its hosted VoIP enterprise platforms.

Recently, the company began testing GPON solutions and is said to be developing new equipment for that availability soon. It is a core partner with Cisco, Dell, Intel, Level 3, Google and other large software and hardware providers.

Refurbished Planet Networking Solutions

Planet Networking offers a total copper and fiber infrastructure program as well as servers, LANs, storage access networks and robust telecom solutions. Whether you’re looking for a new phone system that can scale with your network, growing fiber infrastructure or want to support bigger local networks for clients, there are solutions right-sized for your needs.

Worldwide Supply provides high-quality new and refurbished Planet Networking solutions at a competitive rate, with used equipment at up to 80% off original OEM pricing. All equipment we sell has been reviewed in-house and brought up to OEM standards, plus is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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