Pico Products, Inc.

New and Used Pico Products Inc. Hardware

Pico Products Inc. equipment suits applications in signal distribution markets such as broadband communications and cable television. At Worldwide Supply, we sell new, used and refurbished products from this manufacturer at cost-effective prices. If you have straightforward networking needs and want to save money, consider buying our Pico Products Inc. hardware.

Our Inventory of Pico Products Inc. Equipment

We source our new Pico Products Inc. hardware from trusted suppliers and ensure that every used product that enters our inventory meets our high standards. Our selection of equipment from this OEM includes:

  • Switches.
  • Fixed channel modulators.
  • Head end combiners.
  • Encoder generators.
  • RF modulators.
  • Power supplies.
  • Emphasis amplifiers.

When to Buy Earlier Model, Used or Refurbished Hardware

When an older version of your equipment will meet your needs, one of our refurbished or earlier model new products can save you money. Consider buying older or used equipment when you can:

  • Get by without newer features: If your network has straightforward capabilities, an older model may meet your expectations at a lower cost than new options. Used or earlier model hardware can save you as much as 80% compared to OEM if you have simpler requirements.
  • Integrate the equipment into your infrastructure: When you have a legacy platform, older equipment like Pico Products Inc. hardware could work with your infrastructure better than newer options.
  • Ask for technical advice: When you shop with a supplier that offers technical support, you can feel confident in your purchase. At Worldwide Supply, we offer expert assistance that will help you get equipment that will work with your existing system.

Get Money or Store Credit for Your Pico Products Inc. Equipment

If you have excess telecom equipment from a manufacturer like Pico Products Inc., we pay for qualifying trade-ins. We compensate with cash or store credit to give your business flexible options. When you trade in your equipment, we can also offer value-added services like storage, transportation and asset assessments. Every step of the way, we’ll make sure that you get the most out of your old hardware.

Find Out More About Our Network Equipment

Get more information on our Pico Products Inc. equipment by requesting a quote for your cart, completing our contact form or calling us at 888-328-2266.