PCI Technologies

PCI Technologies created products for private video networks and cable television. ATX Networks fully acquired the company in 2000, but PCI products still exist. Today, PCI Tech still meets the needs of the telecommunications industry with innovative products that provide a comprehensive solution for many industry professionals.

For equipment that operates like new at a lower price, come to Worldwide Supply. We have a wide inventory of refurbished PCI Tech equipment available that offers high-quality performance. Because we price our products competitively, you can trust that your order will stay within your budget.

Advantages of Refurbished PCI Tech From Worldwide Supply

At Worldwide Supply, we have a wide range of used PCI Tech equipment available. One of these items is the standard indoor channel deletion filter. It deletes television channels and inserts new channels, which is ideal for hospitals, hotels, schools and other places that want to manipulate the broadcast signal. The model CD-9002 has features such as:

  • Wide operating bandwidth
  • Stability in a wide temperature range
  • Stability in low-frequency vibration
  • Integrated insertion point and brick wall and deletion filters
  • Standard F-type connectors
  • Rack or wall mount options

Our other PCI Tech product offerings include:

  • Multiple diplex filter network
  • Maxnet splitter
  • Brickwall low pass filter

Request a Quote for Your Used PCI Tech Today

Worldwide Supply has the used PCI Tech products you need for less. When you order from us, you’ll benefit from advantages, such as:

  • A vast inventory: We have a large number of products available, so we likely have everything you need.
  • Dedicated support: Our remote technical support team is available 24/7, so we are always here to help.
  • Professional services: We have a team of certified engineers on staff available to help with your system design and configuration.
  • Quick shipping: With next business day shipping, you will receive your order — and start using your products — right away.

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