Panda Wireless

Refurbished Panda Wireless Networking Systems

What does your mobile team need more than anything else? We think it’s reliable Wi-Fi and Internet access so they can test your network, put in work orders and manage issues as they arrive. Don’t let a poor signal get in the way of your revenues or customer satisfaction.

Panda Wireless offers a wide set of wireless N USB adapters and high-gain antennas. Get supported for the latest Wi-Fi standards and prime your equipment for top speeds and compatibility with any USB port access.

Worldwide Supply offers a range of used and refurbished Panda Wireless USB Wi-Fi adapters, including long-range units and services. We’ll ensure your gear is connected and working properly with the best deals compared to OEM pricing as well.

Choose Worldwide Supply

We know about more than just your core networking technology — we’ve got you covered from the back office through to customer sites and every maintenance truck you call, no matter where the service call originates.

Worldwide Supply wants to be your partner for telecom equipment large and small, so we stock new and used Panda Wireless adapters to help your team be ready always. Choose from the unit below or browse our complete selection of networking equipment to get exactly what you need.

Be sure to ask us about NetGuard maintenance, our asset recovery assistance and speedy delivery service for orders. We stock, maintain, repair and replace thousands of items across dozens of OEMs. If you’ve got it, we’ve seen it and fixed it before.