Optical Solutions Inc.

Used and Refurbished Optical Solutions Inc. Networking Hardware

Now part of Calix, Optical Solutions Inc. delivered leading solutions in fiber optic voice, video and data. Our Optical Solutions Inc. inventory includes passive optical network (PON) equipment such as optical line terminal hardware. Equipment branded under Optical Solutions Inc. complies with Broadband Passive Optical Network (BPON) or Gigabyte Passive Optical Network (GPON) standards.

About Passive Optical Networks (PON)

A PON serves multiple end-points with one optical fiber through unpowered optical splitters. As a point to multi-point (P2M) network, a PON system can provide internet to numerous customers without sharing bandwidth or active electronics from the feeder to the drop. A PON includes the following hardware elements:

  • An optical line terminal that drives the FTTH system from the provider’s central operations
  • Optical network terminals or units that provide access points at the customer’s location
  • PON splitters that divide one optical signal into multiple signals with lower power
  • PON transceivers that send and receive signals over a single fiber

Optical Solutions Inc. hardware includes these types of equipment to power your BPON or GPON network.

GPON and BPON Networks Through Optical Solutions Inc.

Hardware from Optical Solutions Inc. supports one of two PON standards — BPON and GPON. These networks both use fiber optic cables and operate on the same optical frequencies. Learn more about BPON and GPON:

  • BPON: Initiated in 1995, BPON was the first type of PON technology for FTTH. Internet providers widely offered BPON in the late 1990s and early 2000s, and this technology can provide reliable internet at slower speeds.
  • GPON: Because of its higher speeds than BPON, GPON tends to find more use in today’s telecom industry. GPON can transmit many service types in their native format.

We Buy Used Optical Solutions Inc. Hardware

If you own used Optical Solutions Inc. equipment, our asset recovery services will give you multiple ways to earn or save money. Our team will work with you to find a consignment, trade-in or cash purchase strategy that will help you maximize profits while protecting your network. Learn more about Worldwide Supply asset recovery services.

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