New and Used Omnistar by Motorola

Motorola offers an optical headend product family line under the Omnistar branding, which is also sometimes listed as a series of Motorola Arris Omnistar products. Most in this family come with an X2 or X3 designation across all products and parts, such as the platform housing.

The product family from Motorola can provide reliable support for fiber-based transmissions in fiber, coax and hybrid networks. You’ll enjoy its smart density with up to 16 application modules in a 4RU unit, with support for universal chassis builds.

While the product family had its strongest push in the early 2000s, there are still plenty of these headend options in use around the world. Supporting plug-and-play modules and easily configurable RF backplanes allows it to continue to evolve as networks do.

Find your new and used Omnistar headend equipment below and get starting improving the density of your network.

A Note on OmniSTAR

While Motorola offers the Omnistar line in its product family, there is also a satellite-based augmentation system service provider also named OmniSTAR. This brand provides a variety of satellite services under the Mobile Satellite Ventures name and offers some branded equipment.

For networking gear, especially if you’re looking for product manuals online, make sure you’re searching for the Motorola division.

Buy Refurbished Omnistar Headend Equipment

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