Discover the Right Fit With NRG Cases

NRG is a line of high-quality enclosures and backboxes designed to work in tight spaces, maximizing ventilation and supporting multiple types of equipment. Carriers are turning to NRG options for on-site, customer and back-office applications where stacking is required or when some panels need to perform well after turning 180°.

The heavy-duty solutions are built to last for years, can be significantly customized and can also be fixed to mounting bars without needing to drill holes yourself.

New and Used NRG Options

Worldwide Supply has access to 1RU, 2RU and 3RU models plus supporting rear panels with cuts for a broad set of equipment needs. The NRG cases use universal ground lugs at the rear of side panels to minimize any risk to internal equipment. Models are stackable and allow for greater flexibility in deployment or operation.

Worldwide Supply provides access to new panels supporting standard telecom equipment as well as many refurbished NRG options that can be further customized to your needs. Like every piece of refurbished equipment we offer, used NRG panels, enclosures and backboxes are thoroughly tested and repaired before being sold.

All products we sell come with a lifetime warranty, and used options may save you up to 90% off original OEM pricing. Increase your savings even further by selling us your used networking equipment or joining our NetGuard maintenance program, bringing your network maintenance across devices from dozens of OEMs under a single contract.

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