Norpak Corp.

Used and Refurbished Norpak Corp. VBI Encoders

Since the advent of Norpak Corp.’s advanced insertion technology, service providers and broadcasters can now make use of the same breakthrough equipment for all of their vertical blanking interval — or VBI — transmission needs, including closed captioning and high-speed data broadcasting.

Thanks to Worldwide Supply’s trusted state-of-the-art testing facility and certified engineering team, you can now take advantage of fully functional, used Norpak Corp. equipment at prices purposely set to be as affordable as possible. As a result, broadcasters and service providers can enjoy increased technological power and flexibility — all from one cost-effective VBI encoder.

Advantages of Used Norpak Corp. Equipment

Our used and refurbished Norpak Corp. equipment offers a low-cost solution to taking digital data and inserting it into the VBI of standard television signals. In addition, its many features include the formatting and insertion of data into the following VBI formats:

  • WST
  • AMOL
  • Line 21 Closed Captioning
  • All other non-standard and/or proprietary schemes

Norpak Corp.’s versatility doesn’t stop there. Its VBI encoding products boast the ability to operate in practically all broadcast environments, including PAL, NTSC, 525 Line, 625 Line and SECAM. Plus, with its ability to run off of any global region’s AC power standard, it’s truly a first in world-capable encoders.

Worldwide Supply — Advancing Affordable Access to Data Transmission Products

With over $250 million worth of refurbished, used and new excess products ready for delivery, Worldwide Supply is your trusted one-stop source for all data transmission equipment needs — including highly versatile Norpak Corp. VBI encoders.

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