Movaz Networks

Used and Refurbished Movaz Networks

Organizations and service providers are trying to cope with the rising complexities associated with networking environments. The results are global networks that are experiencing growing bandwidth demands and a surge in users’ expectations regarding mobile access to data-rich applications.

Among the most cost-effective solutions for service providers and other companies in the sector are refurbished and used Movaz Networks’ broadband optical transport systems. Movaz Networks, Inc. was acquired in 2006 by ADVA AG Optical Networking. Nevertheless, its products — including broadband optical transport systems, wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) equipment and WDM transport solutions — form a highly sought-after portfolio of products that Worldwide Supply is proud to offer its customers.

Advantages of Used Movaz Networks

Our wide selection of used Movaz Networks offers users the following benefits and advantages:

  • Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexing solutions
  • Standards-based network management
  • Distributed photonic switching
  • Advanced optical transport
  • Generalized multi-protocol lambda switching protocols

For companies looking to keep up with the demands of tomorrow’s networks in an economical manner, it’s hard to beat the performance of used Movaz Networks at affordable Worldwide Supply prices.

Worldwide Supply — Delivering More Technology for Your Dollar

At Worldwide Supply, we have over $250 million worth of used, refurbished and new excess products available for immediate delivery. In addition, thanks to our certified engineers and advanced state-of-the-art testing facility, you can count on the products we sell to perform well — including our selection of Movaz Networks and related accessories.

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