McMaster-Carr is a private company known for manufacturing many different types of electronic equipment and hardware. Founded in 1901, this company has developed solutions for a variety of applications, from networking and safety to lighting, heating and more.

Worldwide Supply buys and restores equipment from some of the industry’s most reputable manufacturers. Thanks to our TL9000 certification, we’re authorized to inspect, refurbish, deliver and install McMaster-Carr hardware for businesses and network carriers. Ordering new or refurbished McMaster-Carr products from our inventory will help you save money while keeping your technology up to date with industry standards.

Refurbished McMaster-Carr Technology

Worldwide Supply offers fast, affordable McMaster-Carr technology solutions for companies that want to save money and time on system support. New and used McMaster-Carr products are durable, capable and easy to use for industrial or commercial applications.

At Worldwide Supply, we offer the 20” x 20 x 1/4” polyurethane foam pad for McMaster-Carr’s electronic equipment air filters. This foam pad will support your OEM air filter while offering like-new quality and performance. We work to ensure the long-term effectiveness of your product with the help of our professional team and state-of-the-art testing center.

We provide new and used McMaster-Carr equipment for up to 80% off, and our technical support options will help you save on repairs and maintenance. Through our NetGuard program, you’ll have access to a variety of benefits, including same-day delivery options, on-site repairs and ongoing support for your entire system. All our refurbished McMaster-Carr products come with a standard lifetime warranty.

Sell Us Your Used McMaster-Carr Hardware

Are you looking for a way to earn cash for old McMaster-Carr hardware? At Worldwide Supply, we’ll make cash offers for all your worn or outdated equipment. We can also add a credit to your Worldwide Supply account through our Trade & Exchange program, making it easy to order whichever upgrades or replacement parts you need.

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