Buy New and Used Linksys Networking Solutions

Linksys is one of the biggest names in data networking hardware from small businesses and home routers to large switches designed for enterprise operations. It has maintained quality and branding under a variety of different owners. In 2003, it was acquired by Cisco and made major advancements under the “Linksys by Cisco” product lines.

Belkin bought Linksys in 2013 and marked a significant investment in networked-attached solutions as well as enterprise support. Belkin gained roughly 30% of the home router market with the purchase and has continued to provide support for legacy equipment throughout its ownership.

One potential change is a sale to Foxconn. This is not expected to impact product families but may move Linksys leadership and could potentially impact future maintenance and support.

Get Refurbished Linksys Routers and More

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