Grow Your Network With Lambda Gear

No networking gear provider is safe from the constant flow of mergers and acquisitions. That’s why you won’t see “pure” Lambda gear anymore, but you will still find plenty of its IP and reliability equipment under a new name: TDK-Lambda.

TDK-Lambda was created in 2008 thanks to a merger with TDK’s power supply arm. The business has become a leader in the power supply market and is banking on customers that have been around since its 1978 creation. The company still delivers leading switching power supplies and tools, with a consistent flow of new devices. It has five R&D bases that continue to build out new power options.

Save With Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply has a wide range of used Lambda equipment thanks to the brand’s decades of operation and the quality of its gear. We can turn old purchases into like-new refurbished Lambda tools that still have plenty of years of work left in them.

The news you’ll enjoy most is that we can offer you this equipment at savings of up to 80% off OEM pricing, whether you’re looking for something that has years under its belt or was only barely used by a previous owner. Plus, our full parts and spares selection means you’ll never be in trouble if your network experiences a problem.

All equipment we sell is fully backed by a lifetime warranty and can be further covered by our uniform maintenance program. Browse our full selection below or reach out to us now to learn more about our used and refurbished Lambda power solutions and how you can save big with Worldwide Supply.