La Marche

Buy New and Used La Marche Telecom Equipment

Established in 1945, La Marche Mfg. Co. is a producer of power solutions for a variety of industries, including telecom, utilities, marine and rail, UPS, material handling and mining. Its focus is on DC power systems, including a specific package for Telecom operators. It creates its own rectifiers, distribution packages, converters, invertors, rack components and system controllers.

Worldwide Supply has begun carrying La Marche’s DC-AC inverters and other converters to provide our customers with the smart power solutions they need. If you choose a used or refurbished La Marche option from us, you can save up to 80% off original OEM pricing.

Why Buy and Sell Used La Marche Equipment?

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of used La Marche equipment as well as refurbished networking gear from leading OEMs like Cisco. We do this to give you access to the best technology and opportunities to grow your network without harming your budget needed for scaling. It should be smooth and affordable to meet customer demands, so we help with significant reductions.

You can further your savings by trading in used equipment when you make a purchase. Our experts are willing to work with you on fair deals for cash or trade-in values when you outgrow different parts of your infrastructure. Browse our complete selection to find what’s right and reach out to see what we may purchase that you no longer need.

We also work to protect companies’ investments with our NetGuard maintenance program that delivers security and reliable service at significant savings compared to OEM maintenance pricing.