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Joohong Information and Communications developed a variety of internet access equipment and set-top boxes for companies around the world. Founded in Seoul in 1996, the company was known for its cable modems, web-enabled STBs, VoIP solutions and cableco-specific offerings.

While no longer creating new equipment, the company’s solutions are still in the hands of many providers. Cox in the U.S. still provides the Joohong SL2810 cable modem that Worldwide Supply has also started carrying.

New and Used Joohong SL2810

The Joohong SL2810 is a DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem that works with most operations and services available on the market. It supports Ethernet 10/100 with an RJ 45 port, can support up to 32 network clients, supports baseline privacy and includes SNMP MIB access.

The modem is reliable and continues to find new homes in growing networks. We offer a selection of new and used Joohong modems to help our network partners reach more households in ways that best fit their budget. These models still have years of service left, and we can help extend that life thanks to a custom maintenance package that does not stop or change when a device reaches EOS or EOL dates.

As long as your used Joohong modems can operate, our NetGuard maintenance package will be there to help keep them in top shape. When you buy a used OEM model from us, it comes with a lifetime warranty and savings of up to 80% off original OEM pricing.

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