JMA Wireless is helping drive the world’s innovation of wireless connectivity and service provider networks. As a provider of the latest LAA, CBRS, 4G and 5G technologies, JMA is constantly striving to improve the strength, speed and reliability for the networks it serves. Worldwide Supply is a carrier and distributor of refurbished JMA products, which are designed to foster growth for wireless subscriber systems.

Expand Your Network Reach With Used JMA Wireless Products

We provide our customers with technology upgrades and replacement parts that will last. JMA is one of hundreds of OEMs we’ve added to our selection over the years, and we would recommend this brand to any business or service provider trying to optimize the performance of their wireless network.

Our inventory consists of multiple new and used JMA cable connectors, including:

  • The 7-16 DIN Male Connector
  • The 7-16 DIN Male Right Angle Connector
  • The N Female Connector
  • The 50 OHM N Male Connector
  • The N Male Connector

These connectors are designed for 0.5-inch annular plenum cables. We also offer a weather protection system for organizations that operate in demanding environments.

Enjoy Network Support From Worldwide Supply

Commercial technology has become more competitive in recent years, which forces companies and service providers to spend a large amount of energy and money on upgrading and maintaining that technology. Worldwide Supply’s stock includes both popular and hard-to-find products from the best manufacturers in the industry, and most of our refurbished models come at up to 80% off the retail prices.

We also offer affordable installation and maintenance services you can use to extend your system’s life and reduce repair costs. We’ll support your wireless network every step of the way so you can scale up as needed.

When you’re ready to replace a piece of technology, we also offer you the opportunity to sell obsolete JMA equipment. You can reach out to us to learn more about this process and how we’ll compensate you for old system components.

Request a Quote for Refurbished JMA Cable Connectors

Our products come with a standard lifetime warranty, so trust us to provide the JMA equipment you need. Request a quote today or contact us for more details!