JDS Uniphase

To maintain a competitive edge, companies that operate in the telecommunications and cable television industries need access to cost-effective and reliable systems and technologies. As fiber optics continue to drive growth in the communication industry, the need for optics solutions also grows. Until JDS Uniphase split into Vivavi Solutions and Lumentum Holdings in 2015, this company was one of the most influential organizations developing, manufacturing and distributing products for the fiber optic communications market.

JDS Uniphase started out as two separate entities — JDS Optics and Uniphase. Founded in 1981 and 1979 respectively, JDS Optics manufactured components for fiber optic networks, while Uniphase created lasers for scanners and chip makers. The companies merged in 1999 and went on to produce a wide range of fiber optic communications equipment, including lasers, multiplexers, modulators, switches, amplifiers, transponders and test equipment.

Today, Vivavi Solutions and Lumentum continue the legacy of the now-defunct JDS Uniphase, manufacturing solutions for use in the fiber, mobile network, radio test, 3D sensing and custom optics sectors.

The Benefits of Used JDS Uniphase Equipment

Although you can no longer purchase new fiber optic equipment from JDS Uniphase, you can find used options to keep your network functioning efficiently. At Worldwide Supply, we have a wide range of used and refurbished JDS Uniphase products in stock, including Waveready transponders, rack-mount shelves and input selector switches. When you buy used networking equipment, you can expect to benefit from:

  • Easy integration with existing network architecture
  • A lower overall cost compared to buying new equipment
  • Standard lifetime warranty for used hardware from Worldwide Supply

At Worldwide Supply, we ensure you receive high-quality products by checking all of our used equipment according to ISO 9001 and TL 9000 standards. You can be confident that the equipment you receive will perform reliably and as expected.

Ready to Upgrade Your Network?

In addition to selling used JDS Uniphase equipment, we can also buy old networking products that you want to replace. For more information about the refurbished JDS Uniphase products we have available, contact us online or request a quote today.