IET Labs

New and Used IET Labs Instrumentation and Components

IET Labs has been building and offering resistance, capacitance and inductance products and standards since 1976. In recent years, the company has acquired a variety of other brands to help expand to ESI resistance lines, audio and strobe line equipment, and more.

If you’ve got GenRad or Electro Scientific Industries branded network equipment, IET Labs is updating its solutions to support legacy gear from the brands it now owns. We’ve seen IET Labs equipment used in a variety of situations and industry applications.

Refurbished IET Labs Resistance Decade Boxes

Worldwide Supply offers a selection of resistance decade boxes from IET Labs, supporting a resistance from 1 mΩ to 111 MΩ. Currently, we focus on the HARS Series, which offers laboratory-grade, tight-tolerance capabilities in a cost-effective form factor. These are precision solutions designed to work across a variety of industries and support various special requirements.

Worldwide Supply’s new and refurbished IET Labs boxes can be used as components of both AC and DC bridges, support precision RTD simulators and are commonly found in control systems and measurement systems. Use the buttons below to browse our selection and see how we can save you up to 80% off OEM pricing when you choose used IET Labs solutions.

We cover all of the used and refurbished equipment we sell with a lifetime warranty — and we test and certify everything as operating nominally. You get the reliable equipment you need at a price that’s friendly to your budget and supports greater upgrade potential, all by working with Worldwide Supply.