Ice Qube

Rugged Cooling Solutions From Ice Qube

Ice Qube Signature Cooling Products is a leading provider of modern cooling systems for electronics and networking solutions. The company focuses on enclosed sensitive equipment solutions for industries with different cooling needs. It also offers a variety of cabinet cooling solutions that can be customized to different sizes and needs.

Ice Qube builds its own NEMA-rated and UL-listed air conditions. Options are available for specific needs such as hazardous location support, allowing the company to meet most demands in your sites and customer locations. With low-voltage enclosure cooling options, the company has expanded into advanced heat exchangers and filtered fans for positions with unique requirements.

Starting Our Work With Ice Qube

Worldwide Supply has begun offering one set of new and used Ice Qube coolers that have proven popular and reliable in the telecom and networking space. The vertical-mount, extra-slim unit includes a rotary compressor to keep its footprint small and light, while being powerful enough for industrial applications. It’s also a very efficient model that can maintain NEMA type 12, 3R, 4 or 4X integrity.

The 2400 series has a max temperature of 131º F (55º C) and options for external or internal heat outputs, remote controls, pull-out filters and digital temperature alarms.

Use our menu item below to browse the selection of new and used Ice Qube cooling options. Then, contact our support team to see about adding a comprehensive maintenance and support package that can save you money on conditioner support and produce additional savings across hundreds of other networking equipment product families from dozens of OEMs.