Used and Refurbished Hendry Equipment Racks

Hendry Telephone Products are known for their extensive product line of high-quality equipment racks for the Telecom industry. At Worldwide Supply, we carry a wide assortment of used Hendry racks, brackets and accessories so that you can get the racking equipment you need at a reasonable price.

To accompany Nortel products and other telecommunications and data networking equipment, refurbished Hendry racks are the glue that will hold your sizable investment in equipment together. They’re known for their sturdiness and reliability, which go beyond the average customer’s expectations.

Advantages of Used Hendry Equipment Racks and Rack Accessories

Regardless of the configuration you’re looking for, we have the steel and aluminum Hendry racks to solve all your network bay layout issues — including 19-inch relay racks, 23-inch floor racks and 23-inch overhead racks.

In addition, when you choose quality used Hendry racks and accessories, you’ll enjoy the following standard and optional features:

  • Items have superior designs — including zone 4 seismic-rated racks
  • Racks come tapped and drilled, so they’re cable ring, guard rail and accessory ready
  • Side holes are provided to allow for mounting end guards or joining racks together
  • All racks come with base angle, top angle and bolts for easy assembly
  • Products are available in several RMU options
  • Items are NEBS 2000 Framework, EIA and ETSI compliant

Worldwide Supply for all Your Equipment Rack Needs

At Worldwide Supply, where we stock more than $250 million worth of products ready for immediate delivery, we have the used Hendry racks and accessories you’re looking for — including equipment trays, guard rails, fan panels, ground bars, AC outlets, end panels and much more.

For more information on Hendry racks and related equipment, request a quote, or call us directly at 888.328.2266.