Secure Refurbished Heinemann Circuit Breakers for Your Sites

Heinemann is a leading designer and developer of circuit breakers for a wide range of applications, including computer systems and networks as well as transportation systems, electric locomotives and automobiles. A Heinemann circuit breaker is one of the most common for networking equipment and provides a reliable solution to help you best protect and manage your deployment.

Worldwide Supply offers different new and used Heinemann electric circuit breakers and is an authorized stocking distributor, so you can be confident in the quality of our selection. Review the options below to learn about magnetic and electric models with different capabilities and capacities for your needs. All of the refurbished Heinemann circuit breakers we offer have been thoroughly tested and certified in our in-house lab. They’ll meet your demands while also helping you save up to 80% off OEM pricing compared to new units.

Protect Your Used Heinemann Circuit Breakers With Us

Worldwide Supply offers a complete maintenance and service protection platform for the new and used equipment we sell, including all refurbished Heinemann circuit breakers, parts and components. Our NetGuard solutions cover hundreds of product families from dozens of OEMs, helping you avoid costly arrangements with multiple parties just to keep your network secure.

Browse our selection below and then contact your Worldwide Supply expert to learn more about our maintenance and reliability testing solutions. Plus, get more details on the lifetime warranty we offer on everything we sell and learn about our expedited parts and repair services designed to keep your network up and healthy.