New and Refurbished GE Energy Solutions

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GE Energy is a division of General Electric that sells energy solutions all over the world. The company recently rebranded as GE Power, but still provides the same reliability and quality. Today, GE Energy says it is the largest seller of energy techniques and solutions on the planet.

Telco, cableco, ISP and network providers will still find many GE Energy solutions within the Power division, as the name change mainly reflected a move to bring all of GE’s energy verticals into a single branding. This has led to more options for many network providers, as now there is less confusion over different digital energy management, power generation services, distributed power and other product lines that were once separate.

New and Used GE Energy Lineage

Worldwide Supply has expanded our power solutions to include multiple GE lineage power solutions, amp rectifiers and more. Browse our selection below to find the perfect fit for your power needs and then contact us to learn about how a refurbished GE Energy solution can save you significantly while still delivering the safe, consistent power your network demands.

When your network expands and you need a more powerful option, Worldwide Supply is here to work with you to purchase used GE Energy packages. You get a cash infusion to help with network management or scaling, while no longer having to worry about storing or maintaining equipment you’ve outgrown.

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