New and Used Fortinet Networking Options

Fortinet is a California-based provider of cybersecurity software, applications and hardware solutions and is a certified partner of Worldwide Supply. It was founded in 2000 and went public in 2009 after an expansion into wireless access points, sand-boxing and messaging security solutions. After trying out other initial company names, such as ApSecure, the company settled on its present name Fortinet, which is inspired by the term “Fortified Network.”

As a testament to its commitment to cybersecurity, Fortinet was the security firm that noted, in 2008, that a third-party widget on Facebook had led to millions of users to download spyware.

Fortinet recently acquired XDN, AccelOps and Coyote Point to support hosted app security, analytics tools and IoT devices. It is also a co-founder of the Cyber Threat Alliance with Pal Alto Networks and it now includes McAfee and Symantec among its members.

Since 2017, Fortinet equipment and researchers have helped identify several forms of malware, ransomware and spyware — including a scam to impersonate the IRS and a form of ransomware known as MacRansom that has been targeting both Android and MacOS systems.

Today, Fortinet products are world-famous for delivering high-performance security solutions aimed at protecting users, data and networks from the constantly growing barrage of cyber threats they face on a daily basis.

Choosing Refurbished Fortinet Solutions

Fortinet provides high-performance network security tools that focus on enhanced networks and in-stream data threats. Its portfolio includes next-gen firewalls, gateways, sandboxes, SD-WAN devices, secure switching tools and more. The FortiGate series is perhaps its most common solution, offering scalable firewalls with ultra-high NGFW threat protection performance and SSL inspection.

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of early FortiGate firewalls that provide comprehensive security capabilities, but at significant savings through some of our options. By selecting a refurbished Fortinet firewall or other product, you can save up to 80% off original pricing while still getting equipment that meets original OEM standards.

Technical Support and Lifetime Warranty at No Additional Cost to You

Balancing capital expenditures against the security issues today’s enterprises face is an ongoing challenge. Fortunately, with Worldwide Supply, you can save money while simultaneously upgrading your IT equipment to meet your business’s needs.

Best of all, when you decide to purchase used or refurbished Fortinet equipment from us, you can rely on its like-new performance, since each piece we offer is rigorously tested by our engineering staff and comes with its own a lifetime warranty. Plus, to be sure your equipment works the way you intend it to, we’ll provide expert technical support — from delivery to installation and more — at no extra cost to you.

The Worldwide Supply Advantage

At Worldwide Supply, we’re driven to offer value with each hardware solution we provide. Some of the many benefits of making us your network and telecom equipment provider include that you can:

  • Shop confidently with our no-risk guarantee
  • Gain expedited access to equipment with our 99% on-time delivery rating
  • Increase the reliability of your IT equipment with our 0.3% defect rating
  • Trust your equipment purchases with our industry-leading lifetime warranty

Sell and Buy Used and Refurbished Fortinet Equipment

We provide full testing and review for all equipment in order to ensure compliance and quality with real-world examinations. If you currently have a used Fortinet solution, contact us to learn about your resale options that you can use for additional revenue or as a smart way to cut down on the cost of network equipment upgrades. Or if you’re looking to purchase any of our used or refurbished Fortinet offerings, request a quote now.