Ethernet Services

Broadband service providers need equipment to help them expand their networks and deliver internet service to residential and business subscribers. At Worldwide Supply, we carry a wide range of Ethernet service access nodes and Ethernet access switches. These devices allow you to connect multiple office buildings and data centers with a single Ethernet port for each location. You can also use these Ethernet service access points in remote terminal deployments.

The types of networking equipment you choose will influence how easily you can expand and configure your copper network. Speed and cost-efficiency are essential to maintain a competitive edge. At Worldwide Supply, we offer new, used and refurbished Ethernet services hardware from brands like Calix-Occam and Ciena. With a variety of chassis sizes and styles available, you can find hardware to meet your specific needs.

The Benefits of Used Ethernet Services Hardware

You can choose to buy new Ethernet service access nodes from well-known manufacturers. However, some service providers find that used devices provide the performance their subscribers expect at a lower cost. The used and refurbished Ethernet services hardware in stock at Worldwide Supply meet stringent OEM quality standards, so you can feel confident deploying it anywhere in your network. 

When you buy used Ethernet access devices, you can benefit from:

  • Secure and reliable transportation of data
  • Increased operational efficiency and decreased downtime
  • The ability to scale your network quickly and adjust configuration easily
  • A lower overall cost compared to purchasing new equipment
  • Standard lifetime warranty for used hardware from Worldwide Supply

Subscribers expect to receive fast, reliable, uninterrupted service. At Worldwide Supply, we test all our used Ethernet services equipment thoroughly at our state-of-the-art testing center to ensure you receive equipment that functions as expected.

Ready to Expand Your Network?

When you need to expand or upgrade your broadband network, you can find the Ethernet services equipment you need from Worldwide Supply. To make upgrading more affordable, we can purchase the old networking equipment you plan to replace. Learn more about the used and refurbished Ethernet services hardware we offer by requesting a quote or contacting us today.