Used Digi Products for Sale From Worldwide Supply

Leading machine-to-machine communications and technology brand Digi International is an always-growing brand that powers many of the new sensors, systems and machine platforms that live in satellite offices, remote locations, data centers and more. Worldwide Supply offers a variety of new and used Digi equipment as more service providers, carriers and network operations embrace the Internet of Things.

In 2009, the company significantly expanded into the satellite modem space with its purchase of Orbcomm, though¬†it also provides a series of cellular routers and gateways for mission-critical applications. If you’re working on 3G, 4G, LTE or LTE-A with M2M needs, we’ve got the¬†support you need in our selection of refurbished Digi equipment below.

Secure Reliability With Refurbished Digi International Networking Equipment

Pair your growth needs with the transport, embedded modems, industrial gateways and other Digi products available from Worldwide Supply. We offer a wide range of new and used Digi options, ensuring that any item meets original OEM standards for quality and reliability.

Every product we sell has been put through a refurbishment or testing process and exposed to real-world scenarios to guarantee its effectiveness. We back sales with a limited lifetime warranty and Worldwide Supply also offers quick delivery or replacement parts or support if you ever need it.

Choosing used Digi networking equipment gives you leading M2M quality and availability, which is growing in nearly every sector, without consuming your entire budget. Protect your investment and network by partnering with your leading affordable supplier for top OEMs, from Digi to Cisco.

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