Cray Communications

Power Your Network With Cray Communications

Cray Communications was an optical transport solutions provider that focused on metro, access, core and data center solutions for customers throughout North America. It was purchased back in 1996 by Sorrento Networks and has been folded into that company’s branding.

A variety of used Cray Communications networking equipment is still on the market, though much of it has passed both EOS and EOL dates. If you’re interested in using some of this gear, it is best to select refurbished Cray Communications technologies from a partner like Worldwide Supply.

Why Pick Refurbished Cray Communications Networking Equipment?

If you need support for existing equipment or are looking at used Cray Communications options, you’re safest when you choose a reliable repair and maintenance┬áteam. You don’t want something that’s been out of circulation and sitting in a warehouse for five years with no recent testing.

All of the used Cray Communications equipment that passes through our doors is thoroughly reviewed and verified by technicians who repair and replace any needed elements until the equipment meets original OEM standards for reliability, capability and quality. Worldwide Supply offers complete in-house maintenance and testing to ensure this equipment will meet your real-world demands, plus we’ll work with you to know what it can and can’t support. In today’s ever-changing landscape, that means integration and compatibility concerns, so you’re making the right decision the first time.

Work with our team to understand what used Cray Communications equipment can still support and how it’ll boost your network where you need it. Start by reviewing our selection below.