Copper Mountain

Copper Mountain Networks Equipment

Copper Mountain Networks has roughly two decades of experience creating communications technology based on DSL and other emerging technologies. Its focus is on powering networks with high-speed connectivity across copper while also giving companies the tools to manage their deployments.

It currently targets telecoms, ISPs and local phone carriers with network management tools, DSL concentrators and broadband remote access server capabilities. The company has operated multiple product lines under a few different names and was acquired by Tut Systems in the early 2000s, but a more recent purchase means it is under the Motorola umbrella.

Expand Your WAN With Used Copper Mountain Gear

Worldwide Supply carries a variety of new and used Copper Mountain WAN equipment, including a quad T1 module and an ATM module. We also stock ASDL port line cards from the company to ensure our customers have the networking equipment they need. By providing refurbished Copper Mountain options, we enable you to acquire the right technology at an affordable price.

Our used options generally save customers up to 80% off an OEM’s original price, while we cover every sale with a lifetime warranty. Refurbished equipment is repaired and maintained in-house, where it is tested in ISO 9001:2008 and TL9000 certified operations. This ensures the utmost quality and a long life for the products we provide.

When you work with us, you’ll also get access to our international spare and repair services with a delivery that can meet next-business-day requirements in most locations across the planet. Browse our selection below and then contact us for a quote and information on how you can save even more with our customer maintenance solutions.