Universal Power Cords From Coboc

Coboc is the cord and cable branding for online retailer Newegg. The Coboc lineup is designed to include a wide range of cables, wires, connectors and electronic controlling devices for many electronics at home and in industrial settings. Worldwide Supply is starting our relationship with Newegg’s line of products by focusing on proven universal power cords.

Newegg is a sizeable online brand targeting computer hardware, consumer electronics and personal devices. It has tried multiple methods for branching out to industrial applications, with the most recent being its 2017 logistics program that supports the back-end of online retailers.

In early 2018, the company was cited for failing to collect sales tax on purchases during 2015, 2016 and 2017. The company laid the tax burden on its past customers. Many are looking to avoid similar concerns by working with outside providers to acquire the same equipment Newegg offers, including its white label products.

New and Refurbished Options Available

Like equipment from many of the other OEMs we carry, Worldwide Supply gives you access to new and used Coboc equipment. This means you can find the latest in new power cords as well as a variety of refurbished solutions acquired when we purchased other equipment from companies and networks like yours.

All refurbished Coboc cords are thoroughly tested and reviewed to ensure they meet like-new standards while giving you a little extra savings on top. Review our selection below and then keep browsing to find all of your network growth needs at an affordable price.