Buy and Sell Used CMTS

Companies are turning to a wide range of CMTS from ARRIS, Cisco, Motorola and more when they want to upgrade their IP service. These systems are designed to support carrier-grade operations while adding security with the removal of any single point of failure.

You can upgrade your infrastructure to meet your company’s needs while saving your business as much as 90% compared to the cost of a new Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS). With Worldwide Supply, you’ll get a state-of-the-art system that’s been rigorously tested and verified to deliver high-quality, high-speed data services — such as cable Internet and VoIP functionality.

Many of the used CMTS’s from Worldwide Supply offer support for Ethernet and RF interfaces to move traffic through HFC to the end-consumer. Keep your operations running smoothly and your customers satisfied when you buy refurbished CMTS’s that come with guaranteed quality.

When you outgrow your systems, you can also turn to Worldwide Supply to sell used CMTS’s and buy new refurbished CMTS’s to meet your scaling needs.

Match the system to your need when you buy used CMTS from our expansive selection. Match your demand to one of our used CMTS’s and get top features, such as CableLabs® DOCSIS® 3.0 certifications, support for commercial VOD services, or even the mainline ability to improve data transmission over existing coaxial cable.


Cisco is a leader in all areas of telecommunications and networking equipment, including CMTS. When you buy a used CMTS, choose a leader with established credibility and a vendor who provides their own inspection systems.

Whether you’re interested in the balance of flexibility and scalability offered in the uBR10000 Series, or the carrier-class uBR7200 Series, you’ll find savings and guaranteed performance when you buy or sell used CMTS with Worldwide Supply.

Cisco’s CMT platform is the first choice for many of the largest Cable Operators across the globe. Worldwide Supply is the largest supplier in the world for refurbished CMTS equipment, including: Cisco’s uBR10012 Chassis, a variety of Line Cards from uBR-MC3GX60V’s to uBR-MC20X20V’s, Processors such as uBR10-PRE5’s and uBR-PRE, and Port Adapters like the SPA-5X1GE-V2 and 10000-SIP-600.


Improve your bottom line when you buy or sell refurbished CMTS’s. ARRIS is a high-quality brand that makes a wide range of products that can meet the exact demands of your business. Save up to 90% on the cost of your CMTS while still guaranteeing the quality and reliability of your video servers, multimedia content delivery system, PBX connections, and carrier-grade systems. You’ll also have the ability to expand data over existing coax cable.

ARRIS is a global leader in CMTS. Worldwide Supply offers refurbished CMTS units, including: C3 Series, C4 Series, C4C Series and D5 Series.


Motorola CMTS models offered by Worldwide Supply include:

  • BSR 2000 — it provides support as a DOCSIS 2.0-based CMTS edge router for a variety of advanced services at a lower cost. Buy used CMTS to further your savings while still getting an edge on the market.
  • BSR 64000 — it operates as a high-density, fully redundant carrier-class CMTS edge router that differentiates your data, voice, and video services to corporate and residential customers.

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