Without proper protection, fiber optic cables can become damaged. As a result, fiber optic management products play an essential role in maintaining network reliability. To deploy fiber in the field, businesses need solutions that offer protection from physical damage. At the same time, these solutions must make deployment as simple and cost-effective as possible.

Clearfield is a manufacturer and distributor of craft-friendly fiber management products including cassettes, box enclosures, splitters and cabinets. By reducing the amount of labor-intensive work needed for fiber optic deployment, Clearfield’s modular fiber management platform allows you to scale your network quickly while keeping costs down. Even better, many of Clearfield’s products provide complete configurability so you can easily build a network that suits your needs.

The Benefits of Used Clearfield Products

At Worldwide Supply, we sell both new and used Clearfield products. Both options can prove beneficial depending on your budget and goals. If you are searching for affordable fiber management solutions, our used and refurbished Clearfield products could meet your needs. We check all these products carefully according to industry best practices, so you can feel confident adding them to your network.

The benefits of our used Clearfield products include:

  • Easy deployment: Used Clearfield solutions make fiber deployment easier for technicians. You can expand your network quickly and connect more subscribers.
  • Flexibility: Clearfield products give you the flexibility to deploy fiber in a variety of environments — in the Inside Plant, Outside Plant or in-building.
  • Lifetime warranty: Like many other products from Worldwide Supply, used and refurbished Clearfield fiber management products come with our standard lifetime warranty. If you need help with configuration, we also have a staff of certified engineers available to assist you.

Ready to Expand Your Network?

Growing your fiber optic network has never been easier or more affordable. Whether you need used, refurbished or new Clearfield fiber management solutions, Worldwide Supply can provide what you need. We have over $250 million of networking products in stock and ready to ship. We can also buy any old equipment you have on hand. To learn more about the Clearfield products we offer, request a quote or contact us today.