For cable network operators in small or large businesses, CableServ offers a wide range of solutions to help optimize performance, bandwidth and speed. Some of CableServ’s most effective products include its CHAS headend amplifier systems and compatible components. At Worldwide Supply, we make your network maintenance and upgrades simpler than ever with our inventory of new and refurbished CHAS equipment.

CHAS equipment is powerful, energy-efficient and suitable for cable environments with high-level demands. If you need help deciding if one of our pre-owned CHAS systems is right for your organization, we’ll be glad to work with you.

Improve Network Stability With Refurbished CHAS Equipment

CHAS systems are designed to make your cable network’s configurations more flexible, secure and manageable. Our inventory includes the CHAS 824-700-037-0CE, which is one of CableServ’s high-performance headend amplifier systems. 

This product offers convenient hot-swappable modules and convection cooling to help reduce downtime and disruptions. With CHAS amplifiers, you’re also free to make control and configuration adjustments without losing productivity.

Our refurbished CHAS amplifier systems may be used for a variety of applications on cable networks. Whatever type of bandwidth or signal strength you’re working with, these products deliver the versatility you need for optimal network maintenance and expansion.

Networking Solutions From Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply works with hundreds of OEM products to deliver cost-effective, reliable solutions for cable, computer and telephone network operators. When you order one of our new or used CHAS headend amplifier systems, you’ll receive multiple benefits, including:

  • Flexible modular support for CATV headend applications
  • A compact chassis for space maximization 
  • Worldwide Supply lifetime warranty and network maintenance
  • Quick response times and same-day delivery options
  • 50-80% discounts on upgrades and replacement parts

Sell Used CHAS Equipment Today

Your old CHAS equipment could still be worth a high value. We’ll make a cash offer for outdated systems and components if you send us a list of items you want to sell. If you’re interested in our Trade & Exchange program, we can also apply a credit directly to your Worldwide Supply account for upgrades and spare parts.

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Our refurbished CHAS system is a smart, convenient way to optimize your cable network. Request a quote today to get started or contact us for more information.