Cedar Technologies

Cedar Technologies specializes in telecommunications systems solutions for enterprise and data center networks. At Worldwide Supply, we offer dozens of new and refurbished Cedar Technologies replacement parts and system components for specific systems. If you’re unsure which part you need, our team of technical experts will be happy to help.

Maintain Your Cedar Technologies Network With Refurbished Equipment

Worldwide Supply’s selection of used Cedar Technologies hardware includes a variety of models from the brand’s high-performance product lines. If you’re looking for a specific card or module for your telephone system, we offer the component you need under a lifetime warranty.

Some of our products include:

  • Fan Tray Modules
  • Circuit Modules for DS1 and DS3 Networks
  • GbE Modules
  • OTC Cards
  • CLP Cards
  • MGP-HD Cards
  • And more!

How Worldwide Supply Can Transform Your Technology

Our used Cedar Technologies modules and cards will provide all the benefits of an OEM product while helping you save on initial costs. Worldwide Supply equipment often comes at prices of up to 80% off, and we offer maintenance and support opportunities to keep your network in top shape.

Our buying and trading programs offer a safe, quick way to remove old Cedar Technologies parts from your facility. Reach out to us today, and we’ll provide cash offer or a credit to your Worldwide Supply account for used hardware. 

Request a Quote for More Information 

New and refurbished Cedar Technologies equipment will help your network meet industry and consumer demands at an affordable price. Request a quote today for more details about our products.