C&C Power

Boost Your Network With Refurbished C&C Power Options

C&C Power is a leading manufacturer of DC power solutions for universal power supplies as well as telecom industry needs. The company has 25 years of experience in creating battery cabinets, accessories and related monitoring tools to ensure your remote sites, as well as your primary equipment, are all protected.

Worldwide Supply has a variety of used and refurbished C&C Power solutions with the options you need, such as front access, rack mounting variants, space for spares and alternative design options. Plus, the company creates a variety of telecom-specific solutions including controllers, compact power distribution panels, battery disconnects, sine wave inverters, rectifiers, shelves, racks and much more.

If you’ve got a power need, C&C Power has the right option designed for your network. While the company offers a comprehensive selection of power solutions, it can also create custom equipment for those particular cases. Worldwide Supply can help you with companies like C&C Power to find the right gear or get it built and ensure everything is up to spec.

Used C&C Power DC Telecom Solutions

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of refurbished C&C Power options that we’ve tested and approved for use in the field. All used models are backed by our lifetime warranty and can be covered by spares, parts and maintenance packages we offer. That means you get a leading breaker/switch disconnect, complete DC power solution, monitoring controllers, distribution panels and other power solutions in a safe, affordable package designed to help you grow and expand.

Use the selection below or contact us now to see how you can save with a used C&C Power networking solution.