C-COR Networking Solutions From Worldwide Supply

Worldwide Supply has expanded our offering of integrated networking solutions by partnering with C-COR. The company specialized in the integrated space and provided products as well as operations management tools for professional broadband networks. It operated dual arms for broadband systems and network services to deliver voice, video and data services over complex network architecture.

Established in 1953, C-COR gained prominence for creating video transport systems as well as making big gains with amplifiers in integrated circuits. It was the first to introduce a 1 GHz amplifier.

C-COR started spinning off some of its business operations in the early 2000s, while also buying VoD and other communication platform brands. In 2007, ARRIS completed its acquisition of C-COR. Despite a decade without new C-COR products, there are still plenty of pieces and bits out there in networks today. Leading the charge are its optical amplifiers, laser transmitters, central MODs, decoders and equalizers.

One important note for these products is that some newer models now include the ARRIS branding. We include both used C-Cor and new ARRIS options in our list of products below.

New and Refurbished C-COR Equipment

Worldwide Supply stocks a broad set of network solutions from C-COR and ARRIS. You can find the right servers and bridges as well as transmitters, amplifiers and other options. All EOL and EOS equipment have been fully refurbished to meet original standards and protect your investment.

Browse the selection below to find the right used C-COR solutions and then contact us for a full quote and for more ways to save.