Stanley Bostitch is an American toolmaker that focuses on fastening tools and the fasteners themselves. This covers a wide range of staple guns, glue guns, nailers, riveters, staplers, sockets and screwdrivers as well as screws, nails and staples.

Originally known as Bostitch when it was founded in 1896, the company grew from a stitching operation to an industrial stapler company and made a wide range of improvements that ultimately created a desk stapler that the one in your office is based on today. It’s changed hands a few times over the years, including being acquired by Textron in the 1960s and Stanley Works in the 1980s.

Today, Stanley Bostitch is a subsidiary of Stanley Black & Decker. While its focus remains on fasteners, the brand has also expanded with a variety of mechanics and pneumatic tools using the Bostitch name at major retailers in the U.S.

The Right Tools for the Job

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