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Black Box Corporation is a top developer of technology platforms and equipment to help build, secure, manage and operate IT infrastructure. The company offers direct management tools as well as cables, carts, storage, cooling, panels, and related hardware, digital signage and datacom-specific equipment.

The company recently announced that it has grown into a $1 billion communication systems integrator and serves more than 175,000 clients across 150 countries. Its most recent milestone is reaching more than 4 million ports maintained. The company has unveiled a variety of new industrial Ethernet switch lines to tackle the changing landscape for network providers specifically.

With managed and unmanaged switches that provide failover in milliseconds, Black Box is positioned to continue its growth in a variety of constant communication applications and even extreme environments.

Refurbished Black Box Options

We’re focused on data delivery for our new and used Black Box products, from unmanaged switches to Gigabit PoE media converters and power chassis. This allows us to bring you innovation that can help automate and control the systems that are critical to your operations, especially the M2M communication that modern data centers demand.

Keep your HVAC precisely controlled remotely or on-site with automation tools that come available as refurbished Black Box products from Worldwide Supply.

All the used options are entirely reviewed and repaired in-house, then tested and certified for like-new status. You get reliable equipment backed by a lifetime warranty that can save you up to 80% off original OEM pricing.

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