Buy New and Used Berk-Tek Cabling Support

Berk-Tek is a fiber and copper cabling solutions provider that’s under the Nexans corporate umbrella. The company specifically focuses on solutions for data centers and enterprise networks. It has a mission of building better cabling to improve quality and performance on voice, data and power solutions. Cabling can make a big difference in these settings.

The company has a joint project with Leviton to build out stronger infrastructure plays. The Berk-Tek Leviton Technologies alliance focuses on pairing Leviton’s switches and wiring with Berk-Tek’s high-performance cabling for a copper and fiber end-to-end offer.

Get industry-leading Berk-Tek cabling using the buttons below and reach out to us for all of the other parts, supplies and more you need from other OEMs.

New and Used Options

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of refurbished Berk-Tek options as well as many used options from other OEMs. This is part of our commitment to a cost-effective solution for our customers. Our efforts are able to save up to 80% off OEM pricing, while our experts ensure all products are brought up to original OEM standards.

With an in-house testing lab, Worldwide Supply is able to test all equipment we sell and repair or upgrade it. We’re so confident in these items, like used Berk-Tek options, that we back it all with a lifetime warranty. Plus, it can be included in our NetGuard comprehensive maintenance program.

You get 24×7 support for your entire network, with fewer contracts or contacts, and have a partner who is there when you need it.