Find Your Network Match with Refurbished Belden Products

Signal transmission products and services have long been at the core of Belden, a brand more than 100 years old. It currently designs and manufactures a suite of cable, connectivity and networking solutions designed to support the transmission of data, voice and video applications. Its specialty is high-performance products and large-demand networking solutions.

Offerings today cover I/O systems, industrial connectors and ethernet, power options, managed and unmanaged switches, routers, embedded Ethernet and a variety of supportive tools for LAN and wireless LAN networks. Recently, Belden also began to build out into the data center arena, with equipment covering demarcation point to cross-connect, equipment racks, cabling and other touchpoints, plus the tools to keep everything safe and powered.

Worldwide Supply is building out our selection of used Belden networking equipment and are happy to discuss any product purchases from you, or sales to you, of the refurbished units we’ve secured.

Improve Your Network’s Health With Affordable Tools

Every equipment purchase is an investment. Our mission at Worldwide Supply is to help you make wise investments that pay off right away with savings and down the road with a small revenue stream when you are ready to grow beyond that infrastructure.

We’re here to work with you for network expansion based on current needs, growing your edge, finding affordable solutions to prevent problems and creating a clear path forward. Not only do we sell products like used and refurbished Belden managed switches, but we also back them with a robust warranty and maintenance services to protect your network.

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