New and Used Avaya Networking Equipment

Extreme Networks recently purchased Avaya Inc.’s networking business and operations, bringing existing customers into its fold for data center and wireless edge solutions. If you have used Avaya equipment in your network but aren’t currently on its maintenance program, you may need to secure a new relationship with Extreme, meaning new contracts, agreements and support teams.

While this is an option for some, it may be too expensive for others, especially if you’re looking to purchase some networking equipment.

Worldwide Supply is here to help anyone looking for refurbished Avaya equipment who doesn’t want to establish a relationship with a new OEM or pick up another maintenance contract. If you’re not an existing Extreme customer, we invite you to review our product selection below to see how you can save with a used Avaya piece and then learn how our maintenance can protect all of your legacy and new networking equipment.

Avaya’s Solid Networking Foundation

Worldwide Supply carries a variety of Avaya networking tools designed to improve your operations and network reliability, with omnichannel and hybrid options in its Oceana line, established Equinox support for mobile-first networks and much more.

Avaya continues to be a reliable name in unified communications, contact center services and edge network solutions. You can rely on existing lines, including used Avaya models, to maintain the longevity of your network. While the company is shifting some business lines and new options are split between it and the Extreme branding, most solutions are still considered a smart choice for growing a next-gen network.