Get Leading Refurbished Astria Content Processors

Tut Systems was a 2006 acquisition by Motorola that significantly expanded its capabilities to offer, develop and power digital video and telephony solutions for cable service providers. At the top of Tut’s offerings was the Astria family of content processors, which are put to work in a variety of public and private sector solutions for broadband transport and signal delivery over satellite, fiber, radio and copper.

Astria has long been considered a standard-setter for digital video processing in multi-protocol video networks. We’ve seen it put to use for transporting small channels between facilities as well as delivering large packages of IPTV to hundreds of thousands of homes in dense urban environments. It’s a carrier-grade solution for local content acquisition, broadcast transport and IPTV headends.

The platform also comes with a variety of patented technology and software support, including Tut’s ContentStream, designed to keep bit rate output consistent and generate less than 1% variance at minimal overhead. That means less need for any part of your network to over-provision to keep customers happy.

Worldwide Supply stocks a variety of used and refurbished Astria content processors as well as other Tut Systems solutions. You can find them below. Everything we offer is thoroughly tested and certified to be back up to OEM standards, and used Astria equipment will still work with leading Tut software as well as many innovations from Motorola as well. A lifetime warranty backs every piece of refurbished gear we sell, and we can give your entire network maintenance protection under a single contract.

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