Get Your Used Arista Networks Equipment Today

Arista Networks is a computer networking brand that creates multi-layer network switches that are built for SDN capabilities. Arista equipment focuses on supporting cloud computing, data centers, high-performance needs and even specialty operations such as high-frequency trading.

Worldwide Supply looks to Arista, and content under its former Arrastra brand, for options that can work in 10/25/40/50/100 Gigabit Ethernet deployments. Its switches have often been industry leaders, including early 2010 standard-setting solutions like the 7500 series modular Gigabit Ethernet options.

Today, the company focuses on cloud-grade capabilities for switches, routers, campus activities, media delivery and much more. It consistently lands in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for networking solutions. We stock new and used Arista solutions to help you take advantage of this power and capabilities with its universal spine. Consider equipment like its 7500R series support ECMP, MLAG and VXLAN technologies as well as IP routing at scale with some of the lowest power consumption on the market.

Power your network for growth with a line of used, new or refurbished Arista networking solutions.

Worldwide Supply Helps You Save

Refurbished Arista and other network OEM solutions can give you the best path to build a more robust network at a price you can afford. Our work reduces OEM pricing by as much as 80% while still offering you a reliable option. Equipment is thoroughly reviewed and restored to like-new status while we also perform stress testing in real-world environments. This helps us provide the best individual solution while knowing the right equipment to stock.

See how that can best boost your network by browsing our used Arista options below.