Secure Leading Arcom Networking Tech

For more than 35 years, Arcom has been building a wide range of networking support and testing equipment to minimize downtime, limit intrusions and push past the noise in leading environments. The company has moved through a variety of testing services and entered the digital space with new testing solutions that focus on parsing out CPD from noise on today’s all-digital network deployments.

Arcom’s solutions like Xcor use industry standards and QAM channels to manage, track and help you plan to remove distortion sources in your network. You’ll be able to find the impairment source without further interrupting your system, making it simpler and more cost-effective to manage signals.

The brand also includes a variety of filters designed to simplify the overall engineering process that minimizes noise, disruption and other signal concerns. If you need testing or management tools, Arcom likely has a solution that will meet your need. Worldwide Supply can help you save on this testing equipment by offering a selection of refurbished Arcom solutions.

Choosing Used Arcom Equipment

Arcom has a wide range of filters and testing equipment to meet any need. There are tiering, MOCA, line conditioning, security, return step and many more filters available right now. Let us help you make the right selection to serve your deployment best.

Worldwide Supply can also assist with your network maintenance and proactive solutions from Arcom, such as the PNM platform that visualizes non-linear distortions and identifies what might be impacting your DOCSIS performance. Our advantage is sourcing potential refurbished Arcom equipment that can save you up to 80% off original OEM pricing.

Browse our selection below or contact us directly to ask about specific refurbished Arcom equipment.