Buy and Sell Refurbished APC Hardware

The American Power Conversion Corporation, now called APC, is a maker of uninterruptible power supplies and a variety of data center products. The company — a subsidiary of Schneider Electric — is building out almost everything you’ll need to keep your data centers up and running and your remote sites fully supplied.

Worldwide Supply offers a variety of used and refurbished APC components and equipment that you can use as part of any integrated data center. Scale up as needed at the rack or even pod level with support plus components. APC also offers a variety of software and management tools to make data center configuration simple and efficient.

Server rooms and network closets are also fully supported with our line of new and used APC power supplies and equipment.

Leading UPS for Used APC Equipment

Worldwide Supply also provides a variety of uninterrupted power supplies from APC. These refurbished models are brought back up to OEM quality standards and can be used to help you maintain network reliability. Options include minimal interference as well as specialty units if you’ve got an industrial network or other unique settings.

We’ll help you find the right UPS for your network environment, up to 20kVA in single-phase power, or climb higher to data center levels with a three-phase power solution at 10kVA or higher.

Together, we can make it affordable to reliably protect your telecom lines from disturbances that are common with unreliable or unstable power. Keep outages at bay by working with Worldwide Supply for refurbished APC gear.